Extending Your iPhone Battery’s Life

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iPhone batteries don’t last as long as we’d like. Here are some things you can do so you don’t need to charge as often. Which of these makes sense for you is a personal choice and depends on how you use your phone.


  • Turn off background app refresh. You can disable for all apps, or just the ones you use less often. [Settings>General> Background App Refresh>OFF]
  • Turn off automatic app updates. Apps now let you know when an update is available, and you can choose to update or not at that time. [Settings>iTunes/AppStore>Automatic Downloads>OFF]
  • Turn on Auto-Brightness, Turn down the Default brightness. These two are both very good at extending your battery life. Auto Brightness automatically lower the background light on your display in a dimmer room. [Settings>Display (or Brightness)>ON/Move the Slider to the left]
  • Turn off Wi-Fi. Unless you’re in an environment where Wi-Fi is always available (like home), leaving this on is a waste. [Settings>Wi-Fi>OFF] Make Sure Personal Hotspot Is Off
  • Turn off Personal Hotspot. Unless you are intentionally using your phone as a cellular connection for other nearby devices, leave this one off. [Settings>Personal Hotspot>OFF]
  • Turn off Bluetooth. Bluetooth is great when using a wireless headset/earpiece or your stereo, but when not being actively used it looks for incoming signals, killing your power resource. [Settings>Bluetooth>OFF]
  • Reduce Motion & Animations. This is one you probably won’t even notice, though it is neat. [Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion>ON]
  • Disable Dynamic Backgrounds. In Wallpapers and Backgrounds, don’t select a “Dynamic Background” as an option you want to use.
  • Turn off location services. This is the built-in GPS app that helps with driving directions, find gas stations, etc. Most apps today will prompt you for an OK to use Location Services, so there’s really no need to leave it on all the time. [Settings>Privacy>Location Services>OFF]
    • Turn On/Off Other Location Settings individually. [Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services>NEVER/While Using the App/Always]
  • Turn Off AirDrop. [Settings>General>AirDrop>Receiving Off]
  • Adjust Auto-Lock Time Down. The sooner it sleeps, the less power is used to run the screen. [Settings>Display & Brightness> Auto-Lock>SET DURATION]
  • Turn Off Fitness Tracking. If you’re not using your iPhone to track your motion, turn it off. [Settings>Privacy>Motion & Fitness>Fitness Tracking>OFF]
  • Turn off automatic upload of photos to iCloud. Unless you need to share photos instantly, set this so it uploads only when you do iCloud Backups. [Settings> Photos>iCloud Photos>OFF]
  • Turn off equalizer on Music. You may not like this one, but it does conserve your battery. [Settings>Music>EQ>OFF]
  • Don’t Send Diagnostic Data. This can help Apple improve their products, but you’re sending data which uses the battery. [Settings>Privacy>Analytics>Share (iPhone/iCloud/Others>OFF]
  • Turn off Vibration on Ring. The vibration will still be on in silent mode/ringer off. [Settings>Sounds>Vibrate on Ring>OFF]
  • Enable Low-Power Mode. This turns off all non-essential features on your phone, which Apple says can add up to three hours per charge. (Your battery indicator on the home screen is yellow in low-power mode.) [Settings>Low Power Mode>ON]
  • Turn Off Suggested Apps. Apple will make recommendations to you based upon installed apps on your phone and your location. [Settings>Notifications>Siri Suggestions>OFF] (Some phones allow selecting off for all Apps, others need to be switched by App.)
  • Allow your battery to discharge more. This one is for the overall life of the battery; constantly keeping your battery at a minimum of 60/70/80% is not good. Lithium-Ion batteries develop a “memory”, so allow your phone to discharge to 20% (or less) often.

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